Personal website is live

My personal website is finally online and live! You can find links to all of my online accounts and social media profiles, such as Github, Google Scholar, LinkedIN and Twitter on this site. Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, proposals or simply to say Hi!

This website was made with the HUGO academic theme and is served via There are still a couple things to be done, like updating the domain name and adding some additional features, but the most important parts are functional already.

Come back in the future to find posts about bioinformatic and single-cell analysis, as well as other nuggets of useful information here.

Florian Wünnemann
Florian Wünnemann

Postdoc in Heidelberg working on spatial OMICS technologies and data analysis. I am also a big soccer fan and love using data analysis and visualization to gain a better understanding of the beautiful game.