Privacy Policy

These privacy policies are in an effort to compy with GDPR rules and to be transparent about collection of personal data while you are using this site.

Collection of personal information

This site uses cookies to measure visitor traffic to the site using Google Analytics services. The information collected by Google Analytics comprises non-identifying information such as geographical area, browser type, operating system and which pages users interacted with. Users IP addresses are anonymized inside Google Analytics and “Do Not Track” requests are configured to be respected. You can find more details about what data Google Analytics collects on the Google Analytics privacy page.

For more details about HUGO and GDPR, see: HUGO and GDPR.

Use of collected user information

The data collected by Google Analytics is only used to reflect user traffic to this website as well as understand user interaction with different pages of the website. I only interact with this data in the form of aggregated reports via Google Analytics.